Here’s How to Redirect Http to Https Ssl

You can access the .Htaccess file via cpanel by entering your username and password. Then select the file manager and look for the .Htaccess file in the public_html file. Next, you can enter the following code:

Rewriteengine on

By using php code
Another way that you can use is to insert the php code in the php code file. You just need to enter the following code:

By using metahtml

If you have successfully installed ssl, whether it’s free like let’s encrypt or even a paid one, you really have to direct or redirect the website to the https protocol. So, every time a visitor accesses your website, they will automatically be redirected to the https protocol.

By using https, the information that you will send will be automatically encrypted first. Information that has been encrypted later can only be accessed by the client and also the destination server. This will provide security for your website. Another benefit is that if your website uses the https protocol, it will later have a positive effect on your website’s seo .

How to redirect http to https by using .Htaccess
The first step you have to take is to log in to your Bulk SMS Jordan website hosting account. If your website uses cpanel, then you can log in using https://namadomain.Com/cpanel. After successfully logging in to cpanel, then select the file manager menu so that it can help you view the contents of folders and files on your website. The next step is to enter the public_html directory and look for the .Htaccess file. To make it easier for you to search, in the file manager. If the file doesn’t appear, you can activate the setting on show hidden files so that it can display hidden .Htaccess files.

However, if you don’t find the .Htaccess file you can create an .Htaccess file in the public_html directory or in a public file on your website. Then enter the following code:

When you have entered the code above, all you have to do is save the .Htaccess file. Then, you can try to access your website url address, so that it will automatically be redirected to the https protocol.

How to redirect http to https using www

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You can also point your website address or domain with the www prefix. The method is still the same as creating or editing the .Htaccess file, then enter the following code:

The next step is to try to access your website EG Lists address, whether it has been redirected to the https protocol with the addition of www or not. If so, then the configuration you did was successful.

How to redirect http to https using a wordpress plugin
If your wordpress has a lot of posts, pages and files, it is highly recommended to use the https redirection plugin. This will make it easier for you to compare by editing the .Htaccess file. There are several types of the same plugin to help overcome this. One way is to use really simple ssl . Which is a good choice when you’re going to enable https but don’t want to do anything complicated. The following is how to install the plugin and also activate the redirect to https.

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