10 fundamental qualities to be a good Community

Are you one of those who believe that a Community Manager can be an intern with no experience, or the computer scientist who can do a bit of everything, or even the employee who has thousands of followers on social networks ? Many companies think that it is a job that anyone can do, but nothing 10 fundamental could be further from the truth. In this post I am going to tell you what a Community Manager should be, and what qualities they should have! Nowadays, companies seek to gain.

A foothold in social networks

As they have seen that interaction with their customers. Through Social Media is the best communication strategy for the company to avoid being left out of the executive email list current market. But being so clear about the importance of a presence on social networks for their businesses, it is not so clear who should be responsible for improving that presence, much less the characteristics that the person in charge of managing social networks should have. and the company’s social communication. So, at the same time that the need for companies to have a presence.

On Social Media has

Increased, the supply of professionals (good and less good) who manage. Online communities has grown and that is why Community Managers have EG Lists become fashionable . . But it is essential for companies to know the qualities that. The community manager must have to hire a good and suitable one. And thereby increase the chances of success of their brand on Social Media. That is why in this post I will talk about 10 fundamental qualities. To be a good Community Manager, I hope it is useful to you! You must be well informed about everything that happens. In your professional environment, organized, patient and competent in the messages that users may send about your brand. Always remember what the brand expresses and that is why you cannot and should not manage the company profile as if it were a personal profile.

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