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For website managers, there are many factors to consider when choosing a control panel . The control panel used must be able to meet all the needs of a website. One of them is the ability to perform remote databases. The remote database function is to add access rights for other web servers, to access the database on your web hosting.

One control panel that has the ability to remote database is webuzo. Webuzo is a control panel that has good speed and is easy to use. The use of resources is quite friendly. Support for open source applications is also very much. It is because of this that webuzo users are always increasing.

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Here is how to remote database in the webuzo panel.

When you use an exchange account. All your outlook data such as emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes are cached locally on your pc inside the ost-file. The recommended backup strategy is to rely on the backup and storage method performed by the company that hosts your exchange account.

The recommended recovery strategy for individual Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka items is to use the recover deleted items command on the folder tab (outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019). With the tools menu (outlook 2007) or the “restore recently deleted items from this folder” link at the top link in the deleted items folder (office 365). Recommended recovery strategies for restoring data not offered through the above command. Nothing but to contact your email administrator or use another process put in place by the company that hosts your exchange mailbox for this.

When you have a corrupted local mail cache

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The recommended restore strategy is to rename the ost-file which contains the cache of your exchange data to .Old when outlook is uninstalled. After restarting EG Lists outlook. Outlook will create a new local cache file containing all the data from the exchange email server. If you want to back up data yourself. You can use export and import methods. You can also choose to back up individual items.

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