Custom Domain Google Sites Through Plesk What’s It Like

Never heard of google sites custom domains before? Google sites is a service for creating websites easily from google. Free google sites website creation service. Friends of idwebhost can start creating a website after having an account with google.

Google sites itself is available for free with a storage limit of 100 mb per website. The advantage is that the website can be found by google search . Built to be easy to move, drag, drop, edit, upload, and done. Google sites is also connected with google facilities such as youtube, calendar, maps, docs, sheets, forms, slides, charts and google drive. You can also collaborate on website creation with other fellow gmail users.

Even by default you can create a website

For free with the address . The example above, at a glance, the address link is too long, but you can make it shorter by changing the url to the domain name that you have by setting a custom domain google site .
Google sites is just a landing page or so-called single page html. In contrast to other blogging platforms such as blogspot or wordpress where you can create articles and Bulk SMS UAE post them at certain hours. Google sites is complete with responsive themes that are suitable for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile. In contrast to blogspot and wordpress where additional tools are needed in choosing a theme to fit your blog.

The similarities between google sites and blogspot are equipped with a url that can be used for free as the website address. If blogspot has the name website.Blogspot.Com. Then google sites has the address sites.Google.Com/view/websitename . So that it looks more professional, a custom domain is needed.

Another advantage of google sites

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Google sites doesn’t offer enough customization for every company. If you need online selling tools as well as specific control over themes and a brand or integrated with databases or other crm systems. You can add it in alternative web hosting.

But for companies that need a relatively easy EG Lists website with little maintenance, google sites can serve as your company website. Google sites guarantees security from google because it is protected by logging in to your google account.

You need to follow these steps to create and use google sites as your website:

Administrative access to g suite (admin.Google.Com)
Administrative access to your domain host
A desktop chrome or firefox app for creating and editing your site
Google sites custom domain via plesk

Definition of custom domain google sites
Because google sites only provides a url or link. Then you should be able to do a custom domain. Custom domain, namely directing the domain name to the google sites link to make it look more attractive and professional so that everyone can trust that your website is not a can.

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