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Apple Business Connect The awareness phase which is also the one with the highest conversion rate. The lead who has already downloade the offer describe in the previous point (therefore recognize by the system) is offere more in-depth content, suitable for the consideration phase.The contact who downloade the content for the consideration phase sees a call to action offering a free demo or consultation (suitable for the decision phase. The example above is a rather simple approach to personalization that works because it always shows the visitor the next step, the action to take to find what they are looking for and incentivizes them to leave contact details. New Call-to-action.

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The HubSpot platform offers the ability to perform content customization for. The following elements: buyer persona downloade content wedding photo editing service geographical origin type of device use phase of. The purchasing process. Let’s now see in detail how to customize the site for unknown users and known contacts  customers. Customize the site for unknown userscustomize company site for b b lead generation This is the technique that has the gr.atest influence on the conversion rate from anonymous visitor to lead, obviously. With HubSpot the ability to personalize content base on location, device type, referral source and language setting. Let’s see how to leverage these options for B B lead generation.

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Geographical location If your company is targeting the global market, a geographic site customization will certainly make sense for you. Let’s see two examples: Site content: if you have both English and American customers, it could be useful to differentiate the writing of certain words depending on the visitor’s origin. Not only that, if a market trend is stronger in one or the other area, you will be able to differentiate the different points of EG Lists your offer accordingly, offering more advance contents for the more mature markets and other more “exploratory” ones for those that are still immature.

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