Artificial intelligence provides forecasts and sales analysis

Sales analysis We communicate with the customer in a simple way We are aware that the current marketing. World is full of anglicisms and that their translation does not always fully reflect the original meaning. Terms like growth hacking, CTR, CRO, PPC, inbound marketing itself etc. They are not understandable at first glance. Our phone calls or meetings with clients do not assume knowledge of certain marketing elements. So we tend to communicate simply and clearly, giving examples and putting the other party at ease.  We give ourselves roles In every inbound strategy there should be three fundamental roles.

Project manager Responsible for

The success of the project who compares progress against its objectives and makes necessary corrections to keep the process running. Strategist : Responsible for setting up the process, providing creative direction and translating seo expater bangladesh ltd data and analysis into proactive actions. She is also responsible for making important course corrections when change is nee. Implementer : Responsible for completing tasks. It requires a very high level of attention to detail and an ability to work quickly (without ever rushing). Our transparency is such that we will introduce you to each person for each individual activity. On a project platform, as well as in person meetings in our offices.

We provide real-time updates

We are ready for the unexpect We are aware that technology and the digital world are constantly changing. Within a few months, some points cover so far could change, which is why we always keep up to date through books, blogs, courses and events. The strategies we propose are short, medium EG Lists and long term, with monthly updates and reviews. The entry of the GDPR , for example, led us to change some of our strategies and train. Our customers on the topic, so that everything could continue to be carri out effectively. New call-to-action Marketing has historically been a very difficult discipline to measure and attribute.

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