Advantages of Ip Block Using Htaccess

If you no longer wish to block the same ip address, then you can scroll to the bottom. Next, you will be presented with a table containing ip addresses that have been blocked. What you can do is select the desired ip address then click on delete. Later, the ip address you choose will not be blocked. Or in other words, users who have that ip address can access your website again.

Stages of how to block ip using

At the stage of how to block ip using .Htaccess, you only need to enter the ip address that has the domain name listed in it. Then you can immediately proceed to block. Then, later you will get a message informing you that the ip address you entered is no longer able to access your website. This will usually be followed by the appearance of a pop up message or notification message informing you that your ip address SMS Gateway Brunei cannot access the website. So you will understand better how to apply it. Impressed easy and very you can try. Actually, you can also choose to go back, so you can return to the previous page. Later, you will be faced with a currently blocked ip address. On that page you will see server settings, beginning ip and also ending ip.

By making the decision to block access to the ip address is a decision you make in order to protect the website. From any significant threats or disturbances. In fact, this can be very easy to do, as long as you know how to practice and apply everything easily and correctly. Not only that, you will also get all the conveniences. Apart from that, you can also make your website more secure from various threats that can attack at any time. The most important point is how you can protect your ip address.

How to block ip

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Blocking ip addresses usually aims to protect your EG Lists website from parties who want to hack it. Or it could be protecting your website from irresponsible parties. By blocking the ip address, your website will be safer. If you have questions about the internet or online marketing, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the idwebhost blog so you don’t miss other interesting info.

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