Why does it work so well?

The informational content Bank My Cell published helped it appear as an authority in the eyes of Google, improving rankings across the board. Better still, these info pages, once ranking well, acquired natural backlinks from other websites on autopilot—creating an upward spiral effect. Combine this with the links its PR and statistic pages pulled in, and you have a recipe for easy page #1 rankings on all its keywords (data from Ahrefs’ Site Explorer): Backlink profile for Bank My Cell, via Ahrefs’ Site Explorer How can you implement its strategy? Begin by figuring out the topical authority coverage of you and your competitors.

What is its strategy?

Airbnb’s content strategy started with a mix of destination guides, user-submitted stories and photos, and a strong social media presence. Today, it thrives on user-generated content (UGC) to promote the business. Both Airbnb hosts and their guests are posting their homes and stays online. Airbnb often reposts its customers’ posts that showcase top industry data their Airbnb properties: Airbnb guests also share photos and videos of their experience, further promoting the company. Why does it work so well? UGC works so well for Airbnb because it encourages that through contests and by showcasing the customers’ photos and videos on its social media platforms and website. This capitalizes on people’s desire to feel special and interesting. 

How can you implement its strategy?

Besides running UGC contests to encourage your customers to post about you, you should also build your business in a way that naturally encourages UGC. For instance, fashion brands—particularly high-status ones—naturally encourage UGC because people want to post themselves wearing these clothes to show off. If your products photograph or video well, then EG Lists create a hashtag, run some contests, and engage with your users. They appreciate the shout-out, and you get free content. Final thoughts The right content strategy can scale your business and bring you passive income. Whether you choose to use SEO, social media, or another strategy, content is still king. 

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