What is an advanced electronic signature?

The advanced electronic signature is one that is linked to the . Signatory in a unique way. And allows the identification of the same , as well as . Detecting any subsequent changes to the signed data. And that has been. Created by means that the signatory can maintain under its exclusive . Control. (Signaturit offers precisely this type of signature, with all the necessary guarantees and respecting the regulations in question) . A clear example of an advanced electronic signature would be. The digital signature based on asymmetric. Cryptography, which consists of the following.

What is a recognized or qualified electronic signature?

Advanced electronic signature is an advanced electronic signature based on a recognized certificate and generated top industry data using a secure signature creation . Device. The clearest example of a recognized or qualified electronic . Rignature is in electronic .DNI , to which a PIN is associated to be able to sign. Requiring a device that reads the electronic DNI chip. The recognized signature is the only one that, according to the Law, has the same value with respect to . Electronic data recorded in electronic form as the .Handwritten signature in relation to. T hose recorded on paper. Perhaps this represents a . Violation of the so-called principle of neutrality.

What are trusted third parties?

Closely linked to this whole matter is the figure of so-called trusted third parties . It is perfectly legal for the parties to an electronic contract to EG Lists agree that a third party archives their declarations of will that make up that contract, with the third party recording the date and time in which said communications took place. In no case can the intervention of these trusted third parties replace the function of a Notary or a notary public, but it has the value of a witness .

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