Website Visitor Statistical Information With Histats

Histats is a widget generated by histats so that you can find out the number of visitors or visitors on a website or blog that has been implemented. By using a certain widget code within a certain time. In using it, you must have a histats account which you can create through the official website.

Histats itself is a site that provides a counting system or visitor statistics from a website that has been registered and has implemented a widget code. The site is free of charge, or 100% free. And they also don’t seek profit from advertisements displayed on the histats site, which is already in great demand. Or it can be said as a service that can count the number of website visitors for free. And it is very possible to be able to find out the large number of website visitors that are counted in real time. By using an attractive and complete designed dashboard. So that it can record visitors up to millions.

Histats can record the number of visitors to a website when you have installed html or javascript code tags on a website theme.

Difference between histats and google analytics

There are two popular applications for calculating website visitors, namely histats and google analytics. Both of these applications have the same function and also have advantages and disadvantages of each. You can specify according to your taste. Indeed, at this time many have recommended google analytics, but there is nothing wrong with trying hisstats to calculate the number of visitors entering your website.

How to register histats app
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In order to use histats, you are required to register with this application. Here are the steps:

Go to the histats website
To be able to open the website, you Bulk SMS Lebanon can access the www.Histats.Com link

Register your website
Next, scroll down until you find the register menu. And you must enter the website address that will be registered later

Enter data
Enter the email address and password as well. Furthermore, in the additional information section, you can enter your name and username. Then, check the privacy section and you are required to enter the captcha correctly. Do the check before you click the list.

Successful registration

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If your registration is successful, there will be a EG Lists pop-up notifying you that your registration was successful.

How to install histats on a website
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In order to install histats, you must make sure you have access so you can open the menu contained in the themes or templates. This is because later you are required to enter html or javascript code. The following are the steps for installing histats on your website

Do a login on histats
What you have to make sure is, you must have a histats account first. If you don’t have one, register as previously described.

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