Web speed test or measure loading times of a Web page

According to different statistical studies on the subject, an optimal Web speed would be below 2.5 seconds . This is because nowadays, most people are not patient enough to wait more than a couple of seconds for almost any website to load. However, in my experience, these times decrease as the years go by. Right now we talk about less than 2 seconds ( people have less and less patience and Google is very clear about this ). Therefore, you must keep in mind that every second less delay is of vital importance for their permanence in your site.

Templates or themes

As an example, here are the loadingĀ top people data times for this blog : Jf-Digital Upload Speed Remember: you have to periodically monitor your loading times, as they can change over time due to very different variables. What are the factors that influence the loading speed of a Web page? Taking into account everything mentioned above, it is essential to know what are the conditions that make your page take more or less time to load. Therefore, I show you below the factors that most affect whether it is faster or slower:

Plugins install

 The chosen accommodation or hosting EG Lists Not knowing what hosting is or not having a quality one, with good technical specifications and powerful and modern hardware can have a very negative influence on the loading times of our page or blog. Our online hosting provider should have a good amount of RAM memory and a high SSD (solid disk) hard drive capacity, to promote an excellent volume of data processing that does not influence the loading of the site. If you have problems with your current Hosting provider,

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