E-Show Barcelona 2019 The largest fair on Online

E-Show What is the eShow? The eShow is one of the largest international fairs on eCommerce, Digital Marketing and new technologies for Online businesses in general, which is organized twice a year (once in Barcelona and once in Madrid). It is one of the best showcases to learn “insitu” and in first person what the […]

Web speed test or measure loading times of a Web page

According to different statistical studies on the subject, an optimal Web speed would be below 2.5 seconds . This is because nowadays, most people are not patient enough to wait more than a couple of seconds for almost any website to load. However, in my experience, these times decrease as the years go by. Right […]

Create your own Personal Brand? Step-by-step

Create your own ,What is Personal Branding or Personal Branding? The Personal Brand is the mark you leave on others, with each action or communication you carry out. That is. Personal Branding (in English) is the way in which other people perceive you thanks to everything you do. Transmit and express both in the Offline […]

Take a screenshot on your computer

What is a screenshot? A screenshot , also commonly called a “screenshot”, is an image taken by our computer equipment. Be it a computer or mobile device, where we record what we are currently displaying on our PC or Smartphone. It is a very simple and intuitive action to do. Which is normally carried out […]