Take a screenshot on your computer

 What is a screenshot? A screenshot , also commonly called a “screenshot”, is an image taken by our computer equipment. Be it a computer or mobile device, where we record what we are currently displaying on our PC or Smartphone. It is a very simple and intuitive action to do. Which is normally carried out through the keys of our Windows or Mac computer or through certain commands on our smartphone. I will explain all this to you in detail throughout this article. How to take a screenshot on my Windows computer (PC) or Mac?

Show what you want

How to Take a Screenshot on job function email list My Windows Computer (Pc) or Mac? Once we have known what exactly a screenshot is. It is time for us to move on to see how we can carry it out. You’ll see how easy it is for you! The first thing of all. And before step by step, will be to make sure that we have a conventional keyboard to manage our computer, whether Windows or Mac. If you use a special keyboard due to some type of need. You should check if you have the specific keys and commands that I will mention throughout the article.

Press the Print Screen

Tutorial to know how to take screenshots EG Lists on Windows (PC) Taking into account the previous premises, these are the steps to follow in Windows 10 or similar versions: 1. Show exactly what you want to capture The first step is somewhat obvious, but many times when we try to share our desktop with other people we do not establish on it exactly the elements that we intend to show them. In this way. When you go to share said capture with them. You realize that the “photo” you are showing them is not the details that they should see.

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