Optimize Existing Content Creating New Content

Creating new content is a good idea, but you don’t need to create completely new URLs. Not only does this take a lot of time, but the URL itself doesn’t have much authority, so it may not get enough traction to be relevant in time-sensitive tasks.

Additionally, creating a web page with similar but seasonal content may seem redundant. Google doesn’t like this because it’s a sneaky tactic used to trick SEO rankings.

Instead, simply use an existing URL and optimize it for the season.

For example, let’s say you provide customer support software year-round. This is a simple example of marketing it in relation to the seasons.

Different wording for each platform

Identifying important dates and tailoring your content and keywords to your target audience is one of the most basic SEO practices, so don’t miss this opportunity to increase your brand visibility.

Make sure the URLs you’re optimizing are Ws Database for commonly used pages and not for specific dates. It already has a lot of traffic and authority and won’t be ignored because of an out-of-date timesignature.

Once you’ve selected your always-on URL, add seasonal keywords and internal links to your seasonal content, such as the blog posts or promotional offers mentioned earlier.

Identify Competitor Trends Securing an Authoritative

Lastly, make sure your changes don’t affect mobile compatibility, as you can’t afford poor performance on mobile platforms. AMP SEO lets Google know that your site is supported on mobile devices.

After you make seasonal changes, update your product maps EG Lists to help search engines find your newly optimized content. If you do this right, you can boost your overall rankings by combining regular traffic with seasonal spikes.

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