How to Perform a Content Gap Analysis

To begin analyzing content gaps for link building outreach, you’ll need access to at least a few SEO tools, including rank trackers and keyword explorers. Alternatively, you can use an all-in-one platform like Ranktracker .

These Tools Can Provide Valuable. Insights and Ultimately Reveal Where Your Content. Gaps Are and, More Importantly, Where There May Be Gaps. In Your Audience’s Knowledge.

As with any competitive analysis, the first step is to find your target guest writing site and a few competitors.

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If you’re still not sure who they are, go to Google, do a few searches related to a specific topic, and see who shows up in the search results.

For example, if you search ‘ how to learn French ’ on Google, you will Whatsapp Data quickly see popular websites for that keyword. Now you have the basic inputs for your content gap analysis and a robust list of websites you can pitch guest posts to.

Leverage SEO tools to identify content gaps Once you’ve identified the entire list of sites, you’ll need to find which pages are performing best. Look for specific keywords that aren’t already covered by your target guest post site.

Most People Submit Guest Posts to Blogs and Publishing

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The easiest way is to sort them in a spreadsheet and then sort them by traffic volume potential, difficulty level, relevance to the site you are writing for, etc.

For example, if you look at the top pages of ServiceNow, one of Nlyte’s competitors, which EG Lists ranks highly for the ” CMDB ” keyword, you’ll see that “ITSM” is a top keyword that consistently drives traffic to the ServiceNow site.

If You Want to Get Your Guest Article. Published in a Coveted Publication, You’ll Want to Pitch. It in a Way That Stands Out. Otherwise, It Might. Get Buried With a Ton of Other Writing.

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