Guide to Knowing the Last Login Cpanel

Henceforth, you can enter the username and password contained in the activation email that you received.

Cpanel functions in managing a website
Cpanel actually has various functions in order to be able to manage a website. You can do these functions, from managing a domain, email to databases, in cpanel. Including knowing the last cpanel login that was done.

Know your cpanel last login

Actually, knowing the cpanel last login is very easy. Of course, this is to find out who has logged into cpanel and to prevent suspicious activity from occurring on your cpanel. Here are the steps:

In fact, any activity that has been carried out on the cpanel of a website will be easily identified. Likewise with the origin of the ip that performs the activity. Of course this emphasizes if you are the only user who has access to enter that account. Or as a good choice to be used as a reminder for SMS Gateway Iraq you if there will be changes or it can also be an addition that can be done within a certain period of time. And you can also find the full log by opening the contol panel then, look for the activity log menu.

Guide to viewing visitors through cpanel
Often if you want to know the number of visitors or statistics from a website that you have. However, the obstacle is confusion and hassle to be able to see it. The following is a guide so you can see visitors to a website through cpanel:

Using visitors in the metrics menu
You can log in so you can enter cpanel then select the visitors menu. Then click view on the domain that you will visit later. You need to know that the visitors menu will later show the ip address of the visitor, what urls were accessed, when they were accessed, and the size accessed as well as the browser used to access your website.

Using awstats available in the metrics menu

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Log in first so you can access cpanel. Then select awstats. Then you can click on the view contained in the domain that will be visited later. You will be shown a summary which will display the number of unique visitors, number of visitors, pages and also hits. Visitor statistics will also be shown based EG Lists on month, day, country, browser used, to url links with a large number of visits.

There are those who think that tracking on a website can only be done by professionals. This includes seeing the last cpanel login. If you are a beginner, you can actually see logs so you can also track who has accessed your website. Especially if you use wordpress, you don’t need to worry because you will be offered many conveniences. There is a plugin which, of course, can be used to see who has successfully accessed, which pages were accessed, what activities were carried out, and so on.

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