Create a Custom Tumblr Theme

Hundreds of themes are available for this web service, most of which are free. Take some time to browse through the theme options when you sign up. Good for your blog’s tumblr or to get ideas for creating your own theme. One thing you may notice with these web service themes is that many of them have very narrow content areas. While wider themes are available, most are narrower than 800 pixels and some are even narrower than that.

Most of these web service themes come with some customization options that don’t require html and css knowledge. If you plan to create some public themes, you may want to include some customization options. There is also an area to enter custom css which will override existing styles.

You can customize html in any theme too

Click the “customize” link from your dashboard, then click “themes” and “custom html.” this is also the part where you will create your own theme. You can link to external style sheets too, this web service has a static file uploader to upload theme assets. Editing an existing theme is a great way to start designing for tumblr. It also gives you complete control over how your theme looks and functions without having to start from scratch.

The bookmarklet
The tumblr bookmarklet makes it easy to Bulk SMS Vietnam post content from anywhere on the web. Just drag it to the bookmarks toolbar and use it when you find something on the blog. Depending on the page content, a window will appear suggesting a specific content format for your post. You can change the post type there or accept the suggestions.

Most pages will default to the “link” post format, but if you use flickr, for example, it will default to the “photo” format. Likewise, if you watch a youtube video, it will default to the “video” format.

While tumblr makes it easy to customize

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The html and css of almost any theme, you may want to start from scratch. If you’ve ever created a theme for another blogging platform or cms, creating a tumblr theme couldn’t EG Lists be more difficult. Even if you haven’t created a theme for another cms yet, creating a tumblr theme isn’t much more difficult than creating a standard html template.

Variables on this web service let you do many other things with your tumblr theme. There are basic variables for things like theme title, portrait url, and favicon. There are unique variables for each post format as well. Some formats like text posts have only a few variables, while others have more than a dozen.

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