Backup and Restore Thunderbird Email With Windows

Windows makes native tools available to users to save files. Here we will talk about “windows backup” and “windows easy transfer” which allow you to make secure copies of data or transfer this data to a new windows installation, using simple guided procedures.

If you choose to use “Windows transfer”. Select your account then place the cursor in the thunderbird directory, so that it adjusts the items to be stored and backed up.

Using iperius backup

All the methods we have mentioned so far require direct management by the user with the inherent risk of errors and consequent data loss. Copy and paste will not provide incremental or compressed backups with the resulting waste of space and redundancy being useless. Also, every secure copy requires the thunderbird client to be “closed” otherwise we will have errors caused by blocked files.

Therefore specially developed software will be used to manage scheduled and secure backups. Iperius backup has special and special functions for secure data copying. Iperius allows you to perform fast copies thanks to vss (shadow copy) of thunderbird mail files, even when the program is running. This mode Bulk SMS Portugal is important because it excludes the possibility of blocking or incoherent or corrupt mail files.

Imagine if we want to back up thunderbird profile data from our computer to our google drive account. The first thing to do is to set the directory profile as the item to back up: so we created a google drive account in iperius backup and configured the destination to google drive.

Backing up on google drive is very fast and compressed

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A profile files are created in the cloud. We can schedule these backups and make additions. With so many options offered by this program. It is almost impossible to EG Lists lose data and files will be very safe.

How to backup and restore thunderbird emails

How to backup and restore thunderbird email has been completed. To make it easier and more professional, you can use the method above with your own choice. Maybe just get here first. Enjoy reading and developing your website.

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