Your strategy must be focused on your niche

On Linkedin you move between companies, businesses and professionals. Therefore your strategy each of these actors attacks a specific niche. Normally, on this platform you do not search or direct the strategy towards sales or the consumer. You are between business. Starting from this base, you need to look for people within your niche. The idea is to make your competition an ally. Yes, you need to contact those people who also work for your niche or sector and convince. Them to work with you. In the case of Linkedin.

Features that you should see in the influencer's account

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing category email list elit. Therefore ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.All social networks. Have search engines, therefore it is possible to practice. Some SEO techniques to position yourself in searches. On Linkedin it is no different. When you search for a word that defines your niche, you will get featured users, but the algorithm does not locate them only by their relevance, the use of keywords also influences. When you see a member who has optimized their bio, uses numbers, integrates keywords and is easy to find, then you are looking. 

You develop the dynamics through the content

This is not about uploading a video saying that a brand or business EG Lists is wonderful. And the magic happens on its own. Therefore The idea of ​​Linkedin is to make content of true value. It is assumed that on this platform. You can see facets of the business that would not be seen elsewhere, which is why the image you sell is very important. To exchange, they can generate articles, interviews, videos, expert comments, groups, forums or even create a common page. It all depends on the agreement reached.

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