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What happened the region where the site visitor was locate.  The device from which the site was viewe, etc. You can send the actions of site visitors in MultiChat to web analytics.  Systems and advertising pixels in the form of events. For example, the user opene a chat, went to a social network, or starte taking a quiz, but did not fill out the form Detaile statistics on managers.  How the load on the site and managers is distribute during the day. How many requests were processe by each manager and more parameters. Service quality assessment – the system automatically polls the user after the dialogue is complete and displays the assessments in a report Flaws.

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Purchase of a license for a period of months. No free version, only trial period Online consultant. TextBack for the site TextBack interactive mailings in messengers.  Textback registration + days free link. The company is positione as a messenger marketing service. Has an official connection to the WhatsApp Business. API It offers to set up an auto-sales funnel in the most popular instant messengers photo editor at once and get new customers on autopilot. Get x more sales with messenger marketing Messenger marketing TexBack operator panel. The service allows businessmen operating in the field of e-commerce and Internet services.

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To use instant messengers to improve their marketing campaign, increase sales and expand their client audience. News for you! % of all marketing emails do not bring new customers to the business. Messenger and email marketing metrics. Messenger and email EG Lists marketing metrics register. Strengths Feature recently adde WhatsApp Business API official mailings (expensive and very effective.  Intuitive interface Savings on SMS notifications Availability of a free channel for communication with customers locate anywhere in the world. The ability to quickly solve customer problems.  Improve their level of service No nee to maintain and develop new solutions for various messengers.

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