What differentiates a company that sells and one that doesn’t?

Objectives, sales, profitability… these are the mantras of marketing. These words are part of daily conversations in companies. Of course marketing without sales is meaningless. But when these objectives become an obsession or the determining factor in marketing development, problems usually arise. Many times in a company there are two factors that are a bad.  Combination: there is not enough preparation and/or experience in.   Marketing and at the same time there is significant pressure to sell. That is to say, the company faces a great challenge (taking advantage of.   The digital channel), and on the other hand it does not have sufficient preparation to do so.

Don't let the need to sell harm your final results.

To explain better, we can draw a parallel with an amateur runner who has the goal of running a marathon and prepares almost from scratch to achieve this goal. In this situation, a very common case is .  That this person will train very intensely to reach the minimum state of physical fitness that allows them to finish top industry data it. And when he achieves it (if he reaches that point.  Since most of them stay on the road), after a short time he stops running. What happens in this process? Being focused on achieving such a challenging goal.  Anything that takes you away from it means failure. And since the process is .  Long and hard, the path to achieving it is full of disappointments. If you manage to finish the marathon, the joy is enormous, but after the initial rush, comes the drop in motivation. 

What problems prevent a company from selling on the Internet ?

If we turn this example to the world of marketing, what the effort made to achieve it to be profitable), approach this great challenge with great enthusiasm, But most of them are frustrated because not only do they not finish the marathon, but they can’t even do 10 kilometers without ending up exhausted. They have made several attempts to take advantage of the digital channel, but have finally stopped training seriously because they are deeply frustrated. They run from time to EG Lists time to see if they recover sensations (to see if they sell), but they don’t succeed. That is, they do some paid media campaign , some social media, etc. but little more. They have given up on the initial objective.

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