What Benefits Can Cord Blood Preservation

Planning for your baby’s sound and secured future What Benefits should start much before his arrival. And one of the factors that should be considered is umbilical cord blood banking. Which was earlier considered as a medical waste. Full of some important cell types. Both the umbilical cord blood and tissue have life-saving properties. Above all, it holds the promise to treat some lethal diseases in the baby, the baby’s parents and even his or her extended family members.

Used to treat life-threatening diseases

According to Food and Drug Administration of USA (FDA), cord blood, rich with various cell types has been proven instrumental in treating almost around 80 life-threatening executive email list diseases across the world, such as cancer lymphoma  Azerbaijan mobile phone number list and leukemia), anemia, inherited metabolic disorders and deficiencies of the immune system. In the year 1988, for example, Fanconi Anemia, a bone marrow syndrome was treated using umbilical cord blood and that was.

What Benefits Used for regenerative

Although the researchers have seen an increase in cord blood transplantation over the last 10 years. However, in case of disorders like Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cerebral. Agent EG Lists Palsy and other neurological defects. The ability of the umbilical cord blood as regenerative medicine has been taken into consideration in numerous clinical trials worldwide.

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