The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Console for Newbies

In this post you will find a summary of the 10 most important aspects that any Webmaster should keep an eye on using Google Search Console . Hoooola! We’re back! And with a somewhat less controversial post than the previous one , which has generated “division of opinions.” Ains, sometimes you let yourself get there and then what happens happens. But without risk there is no glory, right? But hey, that’s from yesterday, and now we’re in now. And now I bring you a summary of the 10 most important points that every Webmaster should keep an eye on using Google Search Console .


Let’s see, it is best to always have this part empty , which means that there is no type of incident industry email list with your website. This is good, right? For example, if our server goes down for several hours or more, Google may send us a message in this section telling us that you couldn’t access our site. We won’t like to read that, I say. Now, if we have already had an incident, such as a penalty or having to send a disavowal of links, then we will be looking forward to finding confirmation in this section. Check this section daily for possible warnings or serious errors with your website or communications from the Google team

HTML Improvements in Search Appearance

In this part you will find a very basic analysis of what Google possibly considers one of the most important aspects of On Page SEO : titles and description tags. If Google offers you this analysis in its Webmaster Tool (and not others, such as images without alt), it makes you deduce that this is the most important thing for it. So you have to make sure that everything is perfect in this regard. Short, long, duplicate or very non-descriptive titles and the same EG Lists with the description tags  will be what you will look for and summarize in this section . Look at this example where you can see the serious SEO problem. In fact, this client had everything perfectly configured in the SEO plugin but there was a bug in the template that added a description to the end of all the code. Careful with that!

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