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The platform loading spe menus designs etc. Which we will see later. How to improve customer experience to gain more subscribers to get subscribers it is necessary to think about the channels through which they can access. The most common thing is a landing page with forms for this a series of characteristics must be taken into account that will optimize the customer experience and with them the number of subscribers. Forms on websites or landing pages the forms should be as clear as possible with the fields to be complet mark the design and colors depending on the aesthetics of the website.

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Forms can appear in different ways: button with call to action : you can incorporate a visible button that says “subscribe” so that users know the possibility of obtaining more information in this way. Pop up : configure a pop-up window that informs about the mobile app designs service subscription. It is important that it does not interfere with the content of the website and can be clos so as not to disturb the user. Banner with form : a form can be add to fix banners on the website so that the user always has the option to subscribe offer incentives one option.

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To attract subscribers is to offer an incentive for subscribing to a newsletter or for completing the form. For example you can offer the following actions: access EG Lists to exclusive content free trial of some service subscriber-only offers and discounts contest or giveaways easy-to-view design and content the design and aesthetics of the website and form must be in accordance and configur to adapt to all types of screens since some users access it from mobile phones. Play with colors to identify different aspects of the website this makes navigation easier for users.

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