A New Type of Fuel May Just Save Cars in The Future

As the problems in the auto industry started to pile up, the automakers had to walk on eggshells. They must maintain safety health protocols to avoid coronavirus The Future transmission in their production plants. They also have to deal with the chip supply shortage.

Semiconductor chips are crucial for vehicle production. Because of the pandemic and continued demand for semiconductors, the chipmakers cannot keep up with their depleting supply. It is also an integral part of producing home appliances, computers, and other electronic products.

The Future Rubber shortage

The remaining trees that bear the sap to create materials for tires continue to deplete. Natural rubber plants can only thrive in humid and damp regions near the equator. They can only grow in selected areas such as Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. If the supply of natural rubber continues to diminish, expect the prices of car and truck tires to increase in 2022.

Some people may not believe in climate change and global executive data warming, but these factors affect the growth of rubber-bearing trees. Drought, sudden weather changes, and other intense natural disasters impact the growth of rubber plants. Also, too much rain triggers the development of a fungus called Phytophthora, which causes leaf disease in rubber plants.

Weather problems

If the supply of natural rubber continues to diminish, expect the prices of tires to increase in 2022. In February of 2021, the rubber prices hit a four-year high. China is the largest consumer of natural rubber globally and has the highest demand. They were able to stockpile but were penalized because EG Lists of overstocking issues. Another reason for the low rubber supply is the lack of shipping containers.

Some local tire shops and online stores provide tire mounting services for free if you need new tires for your truck. Tire buyers will expect a price increase because of the soaring labor cost, raw materials, labor, and distribution.

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