Same amount of visits

I consider it a success. Currency Converter for exchange rates updated daily. I used open exchange rates. Use the plugin. I made the following shortcode. Courses are automatically updated daily. The service is free for small requests. But I pay USD monthly. Because there are already too many requests.  after all. In fact, every article will have a small update every day. in search. It looks like a currency conversion article update that I use to. in each column. I have a list of articles that need to be written or updated. I first go through the most popular articles and set deadlines for them. Article updates are primarily done by hired editors.

Update articles and write new articles

Unfortunately Follow this pace. Probably only about half of the most popular articles will be updated a year. The frequency is much lower. What’s next? in the next year. I want to increase the number of cities to . Find the author and write about the deepest caves: Trabzon, Recife, Oaxaca, Detroit, Volgograd and other similar cities. Then it’s time database for the most important task. At least keep updated with the most popular articles. But is it necessary to add unpopular cities? For example. The most visited articles Prague, Seoul, Hainan, Budapest, Istanbul have the same number of visits as the least popular cities. For example. Paris gets th. I think this is necessary. Because a lone article in a popular city won’t be noticed by search engines.


This is the income and expenditure

Curve The income and expenditure curve The red line is the editorial advertisement Sometimes I advertise on it The blue line is the cost of service. Examples include advertising and affiliate program revenue. In principle. Everything is very simple. The cost of writing new articles and updating old ones should be less than EG Lists the income. And that goal was almost achieved. Three contestants lead the reading time in minutes. There is still a month until the end of the game. We decided to see who was ahead. by the way. The gap between second and third was very small. Other players are quickly catching up to the leader. therefore. Although the conspiracy still exists.



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