Master in SEO from Webpositer: I am going to study SEO that is not UGLY

Tiiiiiiiiiiio, I’m so scratchy. I’m with you to death Victor, really, but… have you seen the number of cracks there? It’s first division man. But I’m staying with you. I love you Nacho, that’s why you have to go… With a melancholic and a little paternal smile is how I remember that conversation with one of the most promising and active professionals I have ever met: Nacho Benavides . Nacho was working with me at Grupo Graphic for a few months until the opportunity to work at Webpositer arose and his departure , in addition to being painful, was perfectly justified by those who offered him a new professional challenge .

What will I learn about SEO in the Master?

Yes, you read it right. It is not that I am not going to contribute industry email list anything, but that I have realized that what I am going to learn in the master’s degree has much more value than what I can earn with my training fees. I tell you from the heart. Just by looking at the list of teachers, things are promising, but look at the program: 5 hours of introductory module. 85 hours of SEO on Site. 30 hours of off-site SEO. 10 hours of SEO project management. 70 hours of areas of specialization with topics such as SEO for YouTube, Advanced Analytics or Growth Hacking (hee hee hee, this is my thing).

How much does the master's degree cost?

Come on, okay, I’ll cut things short. The master’s degree is in 2 modalities, in-person and online, with a cost of €6,800 and €3,500 respectively . All this VAT not included (ains kids, applying pricing psychology eh?). Buuut, hehehehehe, if you use the discount coupon EG Lists that I show you below, you will have a discount of €500 in the in-person mode and €300 in the online mode . In addition, you would be giving me a small commission for me and I would give you a hug of gratitude. Let’s win everyone! DISCOUNT COUPON: MSWLG15 Use it when applying for registration.

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