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Become programming investments which. Can then be applied to all chatbots in the organization. Let’s talk about what it means to succeed and fail to understand the business mistakes on facebook that you should avoid to achieve positive results. Failure is not a label, it is a situation and it is temporary. Ah success too. Most of us since childhood are instilled with the harmful message: failing is bad and those who fail show that they are not prepared a way of thinking that limits experimentation and blocks us from facing and recognizing a mistake. But no, failing is not bad; it is simply a stage in the process towards success for the construction of experiences and knowledge. Does not matter.

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Fail again success and error the events. That generate business lead successes and failures. This is how both should be seen as a simple result of our decisions and the circumstances that surround us and face us daily. With this, what we want to affirm is that success and failure are simple consequences of aspects that we often cannot control from the first attempt. A bad decision is feasible, especially when you do not have the correct experience or information. Also, this lack of experience may cause us not to identify an adverse circumstance, and that will condition the results. Therefore, it is not worth drowning in the words success or failure. There’s no point freezing in them.

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Let’s accept that they are circumstantial. Let’s take the teachings EG Lists and take the necessary. steps to change each situation. That is the attitude that must be taken to move forward. This preamble serves as an introduction to talk about strategy and tactics in the digital world; because failing there is very common, since any task associated with relating to people—and marketing is one of them—has many unpredictable variables. Entering digital scenarios with the desire to get it right is always a utopia. So what’s the point of tormenting yourself about a situation that you will constantly face.

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