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Both tools offer a mobile app, where people can share short videos about certain policy documents. However, it doesn’t always have to be about work. Employees can of course also briefly inform us about what they do outside of work in a newsletter or on narrowcasting screens. Holiday snaps or a funny video of their pet are also examples of EGC that shows who the person behind the colleague is. So open your ‘official’ communication channels to your colleagues, so that they can show themselves! Get the most out of your internal communication in. These trends in internal communications should make one thing very clear: a very diverse workforce requires very diverse experiences.

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An your internal communication must respond to this as much as possible in the future. Be open to new ideas, let your employees do the talking and ensure that photo editor you can switch quickly. Always keep authenticity and the employee experience in mind. And above all: stay connecte. It’s up to you to make the most of internal communications in ! For many SMEs it is essential to be able to deploy the best people as flexibly as possible. The problem is that the best people are often self-employe who are not quick to commit to an organization. In this article, I’ll discuss how to resolve this contradiction.

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The millennial problem Around the turn of the millennium, there was both an IT and an HR challenge: millennials force employers to develop an employer brand and do everything they can to not lose talent again within a year. Boring job titles such as sales associate were replace by customer success manager . Small business was replace by startup . The idealistic, adventurous nature of the millennial employee le researchers EG Lists to speculate about the so -calle entrepreneur . This is in line with the trend that employees are increasingly opting for entrepreneurship. We have now move on almost a generation.

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