Be able decide

Be able decide Social’ clearly takes us back to the social network environment, to the essence of. Those digital social relationships that are establish between people thanks to social mia. Social’ is therefore also to be understood as ‘social’: everything that connects us and allows us to create relationships that move from online to offline because in fact, as you know well Mariano, it is now bankrupt and obsolete to distinguish real life from virtual, as if the second were not truthful. With ‘ ucation’ I want to highlight the term ‘ucation.

Which should not

However be understood as obligatory seo expate bd rules, dictat or impos. Without understanding the reason, but I want to underline that good manners. Digital ‘bon-ton’, ‘little etiquette ‘ to learn how to build good relationships online. Is necessary and perhaps not so out of date given the risks and dangers you can run into. How is the situation in Italy in terms of ucation in social mia for young people, for digital laggards and for companies? The topic is certainly broad. In a concise way I could tell you that young people have the technicalities, but they often.

Lack an adult reference

Point that inhabits digital environments with a EG Lists minimum of common sense. The adults, who in my book I defin as ‘Social – late digital’ (obviously taking inspiration from Prensky and his historical categorization made way back in ), either reject this world, or inhabit it without filters: comments, shares of every content without verification, wild tags are the order of the day. Unfortunately, Italian companies are struggling and chasing what is now defin as industry . : IOT, cyber-security, process digitalisation should be topics on the agenda, but unfortunately the basis is still missing, that digital culture (the theme of my first book) which before ‘doing’ must make you understand.

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