A company that decided

A company that decided. The main benefits brought by the decision to put work into creating a large. BIM database and to join the BIMobject platform. If we take into account the popularity and number of users gather around BIMobject, both production companies and architects. We have one community that values ​​mutual relations, availability of materials and information, and spe of access and contact. Shortening the distance between FAKRO and architects from around the world is a huge value in itself. How much easier is it to acquire customers on foreign markets when they are just a few clicks away from placing accurate model.

How BIMobject helps

With detail specifications in the projects they are preparing? FAKRO and BIMobject photo editing servies in the service of less waste When talking about BIM technology , it is impossible to ignore the extremely important ecological aspect. This topic is no stranger to both BIMobject and FAKRO. The use of BIM models allows you to achieve sustainable development goals by providing people working on the project with the maximum amount of information ne about the assembly, operation and life cycle of a given product. The architect therefore has access to detail technical specifications and access to external websites with product descriptions, instructions and installation instructions.

In the development of FAKRO

A result, the risk of an error leading. To EG Lists losses is significantly ruck, already at the design stage. Real impact on development Given all the advantages of using BIM objects, it is no wonder that companies and architects from all over the world are turning to this direction. Therefore, wanting to maintain the reputation of an extremely innovative brand, FAKRO could not allow the revolution to take place without them. Sole ska Year by year, we notice more and more orders for special BIM projects. We are seeing more and more inquiries about the BIM model of a given product from our offer.

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