Save and Enter the Script Code

In the website data section, you must add your website url, the language used on the website and the website category.

Enter country of origin
You are also required to enter the location of the country you are from and also choose a time zone that can be adjusted to the target audience for your website. Previously, you have to make sure that the timezone is adjusted to the country you have chosen.

Enter a title, description and fill in the captcha code

Enter the title of the website that you registered with its description. If you are confused, fill it with anything because it can be filled with anything. Then you also have to enter the same captcha code that is drawn. If it is correct, select continue.

Click on website url
Then click the website url so you can add the script code which will later be included on the website.

Select counter code and add new counter
You can select the counter code histats at the top Bulk SMS Kuwait adjacent to the login button. Then select the add new counter, later there will be many options for displaying hisstats that you can choose according to your taste.

Histats customization
You can be creative by choosing what kind of theme to use. Not only that, on the top panel there will be additional data about the number of visitors that day, the total number of visitors, today’s page views, total pageviews and also online users.

If you feel everything is enough, you can save the settings. Next, you can click on the counter id which will display a script code that you will later install on the website.

Enter the theme editor
If you use wordpress, enter it into the theme or index.Html. You can login to your wordpress account first. Go to appearance, select widgets and customhtml

Paste html and check on the website

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Please paste and file the histast html script that you copied and click save to save the changes you made earlier. Then you can check the website whether histats have appeared or not.

Lifted up
Histatst is a tool that is very popular in determining the number of statistics on a blog or website. And until now, the application is still used by many people. Most EG Lists people use histats to monitor your website or blog. This is because this application has a feature called “User online”, where later you can see if a visitor is reading an article on your website.

By using the histats widget code on the site that you have, it will make it easier to find out the number of visitors on your website or blog. By calculating the period of days, weeks, months and even up to the details of the hours. Of course these calculations are done in real time via the histats site. If you have questions about the internet or online marketing, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the idwebhost blog so you don’t miss other interesting info.

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