How to Auto-delete Emails in Thunderbird

Unnecessary messages should be deleted regularly to free up mailbox space. Messages can be deleted in the following ways:

Select the message and click delete.
Messages are not permanently destroyed but are moved by default in the junk folder.
You can permanently destroy messages by clicking the trash folder icon with the right mouse button and selecting empty trash in the launch menu.
Confirm deletion by clicking yes.
You can influence the function of the delete option by going to options > account settings in the upper right corner menu in the program window.
Select the server settings tab from the opening window.
Deleted messages are moved to the junk folder by default. You can change the settings in the section.
Finally, click ok

Automatically delete old emails from folders

You can configure thunderbird to automatically delete old messages in every folder in mozilla. What’s useful for the junk folder is also great for rss feeds, for example.

Make sure use server default or use my Bulk SMS France account settings is unchecked.
Select delete all but the most recent messages or delete all but the last messages and delete messages older than days.

You can also select tools > account settings (windows, mac) or edit > account settings (linux) from the menu.
Make sure you check delete all but the most recent messages or delete messages that are more than a day old.
If you are asked:

Select ok in the confirm permanent and automatic message deletion dialog

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Keep in mind that messages you want to keep may be accidentally deleted with this setting. Don’t, perhaps, depend on the message you’re starring in to keep it going.
At the same time, chances are you won’t EG Lists miss messages older than, say, a year that have been permanently deleted.
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