Delete Email Trash Contents in Cpanel Sent Items or Inbox

Emails that will later be deleted from folders in the inbox or sent items in webmail, will not be immediately deleted from the server. This can happen because all incoming email will go into the trash folder first. If you get an email containing email over quota, then this can happen if you still keep emails that are not important in the trash folder. What you should pay attention to, emails that have been deleted cannot be returned to the way they were. If you are in doubt, you can contact the center of the hosting service provider that you are using.

The following is a guide or steps for deleting trash email

First log in to your cpanel hosting account. Select the “Disk space usage” menu.
Click on the > sign on your mail. This is done so that you can later display the contents of the files in the main folder.
Choose the domain name that you will check, by clicking the > sign
Next, select your email account name, by clicking the > sign
Next, you will see the trash folder which is used to store the files you are looking for. For example, in the trash file there are ‘cur’ and ‘new’ folders.
If you have found where the trash file is SMS Gateway Chile located. Next, you click the trash file which will take you to a different new tab.
Delete the ‘cur’ and ‘new’ files located in the trash.
Then, re-create the deleted folder by clicking “new folder’.
In this way you can already delete the contents of emails that are in the trash folder via your cpanel hosting.

Delete the contents of email trash, sent items and inbox in cpanel
Delete the contents of the trash email in cpanel

Usually, the hosting capacity will be full due to the use of email or email disk usage. If detailed, disk usage consists of the trash folder, send items, inbox and also spam. As with e-mail in general. And in order to reduce disk space usage, the steps you can take are to delete email files whose status is no longer needed. Currently doing this is very easy, because there is an “email disk usage” feature. The following are the steps you can take:

Login to cpanel hosting and then select

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Then, in the account column, you can choose which email account to delete the contents of the “trash folder” in the email.
In the trash column, later you will find the actions menu and select the manage menu and then select “Delete permanently”.
Deleting email trash contents in cpanel horde
So that you can delete the contents of the trash EG Lists email in cpanel horde , you need to do the following steps:

Enter the email inbox folder on your cpanel
Choose the e-mail that you will delete by doing or checking the e-mail that you will delete.
Select the delete button which will later delete the email. Emails that have changed color to gray will remain in the inbox. If you still want to delete the email, click purge delete. So then, the email will be automatically deleted from the server.
Delete the contents of the trash email in cpanel

If you still want to save the email in the available trash folder, because if the email is deleted it will not reappear in the email inbox. The steps are as follows:

Click on options
Select delete and moving messages.
Check the when deleting messages, move them to your trash folder instead of marking them as deleted? And then select the folder you want to delete. Often, the selected folder is the trash folder. Then select and click save.
If you have done these settings, the e-mail will be deleted and will automatically go into the trash folder. Then you can delete emails in the trash folder using the same method.

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